ANEW MEDICAL INC’s leadership team is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to upholding the company’s core principles of cutting-edge technology, quality, and integrity. We will produce and sell products with the highest quality we expect for ourselves, our children and our family and friends. This was the key driving principle for the formation of the company and its ongoing operations.

Our dedicated team is comprised of individuals with the technical, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, gene therapy, cell therapy, clinical, regulatory, and business expertise that is necessary for innovation and success. The combination of this experience will contribute to the development of a diverse range of life-saving medicines. Our staffing includes personnel and advisors in the U.S. and Europe that have extensive experience in the “branded” pharmaceutical and biotechnology commercial processes for making and selling biologic-based drugs. The Company will exploit its technical and commercial expertise to develop and obtain approval to launch, market and sell our own branded product lines, and/or to develop partnerships with other large pharmaceutical corporations to market and sell our products.

Dr. Joseph Sinkule

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director

Dr. Sinkule has over 40 years of drug, biologic, and medical device R&D and commercialization experience. This serial entrepreneur is the founder and driving force behind the Company, its growing product portfolio, and its financing strategies. He has personally managed over 8 drug and biotech products successfully through FDA approval to market, 5 medical devices and 8 in vitro diagnostics. He has hired and managed both small and large teams of experienced people in pharma and biotech organizations, and managed contract research organizations (“CROs”) and contract development and manufacturing companies (“CDMOs”), working for large and small clients. After serving in academics and then in industry, Dr. Sinkule has evolved into a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He serves on the Board of two companies, and routinely consults for venture capitalist firms, investment banks, as well as both large and early-stage pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Mr. Peter Moriarty

Proposed Chief Business Officer (CBO) and Director

Peter Moriarty has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry both in the United States and internationally. He was a co-founder of Shire Pharmaceuticals, an international specialty pharmaceutical company acquired by Takeda Pharmaceuticals (TAK: NASDAQ). Until its acquisition, Peter was the Executive Chairman of Prismic Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company he co-founded in 2011, and where he was also the CEO from 2013 to 2018. Prismic was acquired by FSD Pharma (HUGE: NASDAQ). Peter’s earlier career spanned management positions within Warner-Lambert/ Parke-Davis and Schering- Plough, including leadership positions overseas as well as in the United States. Additionally, he led the Sales Force Automation and Software Products Division at Walsh America (acquired by NDC), and led Corporate Development at Ixsys /Applied Molecular Evolution acquired by Eli Lilly (LLY – NYSE). He was subsequently the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of iPhysicianNet, Inc. and Clinical Information Network.

Dr. Miguel Chillón Rodriguez

Proposed Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Professor Dr. Chillon is the inventor of the α-Klotho patents and technology know how. He has over 25 years of research experience in several key areas of α-klotho and adeno-associated virus (“AAV”) packaging and gene delivery. Miguel has several associates that work with him to expedite development and further the intellectual properties and scientific publications. He leads the research group on Gene therapy for CNS diseases at Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona and Institucio Catalana De Recerca I Estudis Avancats. Miguel is also the Director of the Viral Vector Production Unit at Vall d’Hebrón Hospital, and serves Chair of the ATMP Platform of European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine

Dr. Shalom Hirshman

Chief Medical Officer, Emeritus (CMO Emeritus) and Director

Dr. Shalom Hirschman, M.D. is a preeminent research physician, a clinical medical expert, and entrepreneur in infectious diseases, oncology, and cancer supportive care, and is a key consulting advisor to the Company. As a young man, he served as an intern and resident in medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and then went on to a career in molecular biology and virology research at the National Institute of Health (NIH). During his career in medical research, he interacted closely with several Nobel Prize winners including Drs. Berson and Yalow (Nobel Prize for development of radioimmunoassays). He was recruited to The Mount Sinai School of Medicine and The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City as Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, and eventually he also became Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where he remained for three decades. He still is asked to consult on difficult diagnostic dilemmas like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Proposed Board of Directors

Mr. Jon McGarity

Independent, Chairman of the Board, and Chair of the Compensation committee.

Dr. Joseph Sinkule

CEO and Chair, Project Management committee.

Mr. Peter Moriarty

Proposed CBO and Chair, Business and Corporate Governance committee.

Dr. Shalom Hirschman

Acting CMO, Chair, Medical Research committee.

Dr. Samuel Zentman

Proposed Independent Director

Mr. Rick Basse, CPA

Proposed Independent, Chair, Audit Committee.

The Company plans to invite additional, highly experienced executives to join the Board of Directors over the next twelve to twenty-four months. Additional members will complement the skill-sets and experience of current Board members which include governance, finance, accounting, biotech operations, and SEC-related matters. The current Board is highly experienced at start-up operations, gene therapy and manufacturing regulations in Europe and the US, in contracting clinical CROs, CDMO manufacturing facilities operations, in business development and alliance management, in marketing and sales of biotech drugs, and in “going public” and public company requirements.

The U.S. staffing plan will provide for an in-house personnel count of from 12-20 people, while the European staffing plan with operations based in Spain and/or Ireland will provide for a staff of 10-15 people in the 2022-2025 timeframe. The majority of personnel in the US are involved with business development, project management, overseeing product manufacturing and R&D activities, and preparing for Phase3 studies of the bevacizumab product line for cancer and ocular (eye) diseases.